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MDLegals®, as a government approved agency, offers all types of business registration service online for all provinces across Canada. As a customer, all you need to do is, filling in this form and pay. The form is designed in a very simple step by step method and in a lay man's language. The rest is done by our corporation specialist, lawyers and registry agents. Each order goes through a review process to snure that you are doing it corerctly. Because we are authorized agent of Industry Canada and provincial corporation registry, NUANS® report, name approval and then corporation registry done in two business hours. Therefore, for applicable provinces, you will receive the corporation certificate, article and minutebook within 2 business hours in email. These documents are sufficient to open bank accounts.

Last Will & Testament Last Will & Testament

Agency Filing Fees Plus
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $590

Islamic Will Islamic Will

Agency Filing Fees Plus
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $595

Living Will Living Will

Agency Filing Fees Plus
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees vary

Codicil Codicil

Agency Filing Fees Plus
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees vary

Power of Attorney Power of Attorney

Agency Filing Fees Plus
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees vary

Revocation of POA Revocation of POA

Agency Filing Fees Plus
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees vary

Health Care Directive Health Care Directive

Agency Filing Fees Plus
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees vary

It is never too early to start planning for the future. With our Estate documents, you can give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your property, your finances and your loved ones are looked after.There are lots of great times to make a Will or to update your existing Will – when you’ve just gotten married, had kids or bought a house. We can customize all of our Estate documents to your exact specifications!


A Will sets out how all your property will be distributed, to whom, and at what time after you die. It can also appoint guardians for any minor children you have. A Will can provide great peace of mind that your affairs are settled and your loved ones are looked after.


A codicil is used when you want to make a small change to your Will without redoing the entire Will. This can be making a small change like changing an executor, beneficiary, description of property, or it can be used to add or delete a clause from your existing Will.

Personal Directive

A Personal Directive is also known as a “living will”. This document appoints a Personal Representative to make medical decisions in accordance with your wishes if you become incapacitated. This document gives you the power to decide on which treatments you do or do not wish to receive when you lack the ability to speak for yourself.

Power of Attorney (Enduring/Springing)

A Power of Attorney appoints a Personal Representative to deal with your finances, property and business interests if you become incapable of making your own decisions.

Power of Attorney (Land)

This is a specific Power of Attorney that grants your Personal Representative authority to deal with a specific piece of property on your behalf.

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