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How Corporation is Ready in 2 Hours?

MDLegals®, as a government approved agency, offers all types of business registration service online for all provinces across Canada. As a customer, all you need to do is, filling in this form and pay. The form is designed in a very simple step by step method and in a lay man's language. The rest is done by our corporation specialist, lawyers and registry agents. Each order goes through a review process to snure that you are doing it corerctly. Because we are authorized agent of Industry Canada and provincial corporation registry, NUANS® report, name approval and then corporation registry done in two business hours. Therefore, for applicable provinces, you will receive the corporation certificate, article and minutebook within 2 business hours in email. These documents are sufficient to open bank accounts.

Trade Mark Canada

Trade Mark CA<

Agency Filing Fees and
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $695

Trade Mark US

Trade Mark US

Agency Filing Fees and
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $2198 (CAD)

Trademark Report

Trademark Report

Agency Filing Fees and
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees vary

Patent Application

Agency Filing Fees and
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $1291

How Does It Works?

1 Order Online Or Come To Our Office

Order Online Or Walk-in

We have taken the complexity out of incorporating your business. Fill up our online form in as little as 10 minutes.

2 Let's Have One To One With The Lawyer

Bring Govt. Issued ID

Our incorporation lawyers review your requests, prepare all documents and prepare your legal documents.

3 Receive Your Final

Receive Signed Docs

You may receive your legal documents or contracts in as little as
1 Business Day.