Setting Up a Holding Company

What is a holding company?

A holding company, different from an operating company, basically works as a parent company, a separate legal entity whose purpose is to hold the shares of your operating company as a means of effective tax planning while protecting the wealth. It is primarily used for holding investment in many forms including real estate, interest earning investments, shares in private and oublic companies etc..

Incorporate a holding company by yourself

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Incorporate a holding company with a lawyer

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Advantages of holding company:

Having assets in a holding company, rather than an operating company, helps keep them safe from creditors just in case unforeseen circumstances arise. As a business owner, you can take risks through the operating company, rather than exposing the holding company, because the holding company doesn’t perform any transactions. You can move cash from an operating company to a holding company on a tax-free basis.

  • Asset protection from the creditors
  • Optimal way to Inter-company dividend transfer (usually tax free)
  • It basically provides an extra layer of protection
  • It's an investment vehicle if you want to expand your business
  • Optimal way to do income splitting  and tax saving

  • Share Structure of holding company: Graphical Presentation

    holding company

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