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MD Legals® is a one stop platform for all incorporation need and filing for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Canada. The company offers not only business registration, but also filings of all other governmental units that a corporation needs to do. The company targeted the goal of making incorporation very simple and easy for Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The idea became a reality when MD Legals® became agent and member of all relevant government units and doing all filing into a single office in a much faster speed. In a manual process an entrepreneur needs to go through Industry Canada for name reports, Provincial government for corporate registry, law firm for articles of incorporation and corporation agreements, accounting firm for completing Canada Revenue Agency accounts, Workers compensation board to complete the WCB registrations and more other relevant units.
MD Legals® has made all these offices into a single office by being agent of corporation and member of relevant governmental units.

How Does It Work?

1 Order Online Or Walk-in

Order Online Or Walk-in

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Let US File for You

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Receive Final Documents

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