How Does it Work?

MDLegals®, as a government approved corporation, offers all types of business registration service online for all provinces across Canada. Firstly as a customer, all you need to do is, to fill our very simple online form and submit. The remaining part is taken care by our lawyers and incorporation specialists. In the very first step, your order will be reviewed by a specialist who will ensure forms are filed duly. Then, it will go to the legal team who will obtain the NUANS Report, Name Approval from government and then register with government. Because we are authorized agent of Industry Canada, NUANS Report and Name Approval is done in a very fast speed and then, as the agent of corporation registration, we register the business within next few minutes. Therefore if you choose 2 Hours services, you will receive the corporation documents by 2 hours in email and then physical copy by mail. The email copy is sufficient to open bank accounts.

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We have taken the complexity out of incorporating your business. Fill up our online form in as little as 10 minutes.

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Our incorporation lawyers review your requests, prepare all documents and prepare your legal documents.

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You may receive your legal documents or contracts in as little as one business day.