Corporate your business creates a unique legal entity that is distinct from the person or persons who own the business. This can protect the owners from liability if the company is ever sued. Incorporating can also be a useful way to raise money for your business by allowing investors to purchase shares in the company.

Shareholder Loan Agreement

A Shareholder Loan Agreement allows a company to lend money to one of its shareholders, or borrow money from one of its shareholders. The amount, term and interest can all be customized to your needs.

Share Purchase Agreement

A share purchase agreement allows one shareholder to transfer all or a portion of his or her shares to another party. The Agreement sets out the type of shares that are to be transferred, the price per share and sets out the obligations of both buyer and seller.

Share Transfer Instrument

A document wherein the seller of shares directs the Corporation’s solicitor to draft a share certificate or certificates in favour of the buyer.

Shareholders’ Resolution

A Shareholders’ Resolution allows the shareholders of a corporation to take an action without having a meeting to vote on the action. This can be used to perform a wide variety of functions that the shareholders agree to.

Directors’ Resolution

There are certain actions that a corporation can only take if they are approved by the directors of the corporation. We can customize a Directors’ Resolution for your specific purpose to ensure your business is operating within the law.

Articles of Dissolution

Articles of Dissolution are used to remove a company from the Corporate Registry once the company has ceased business operations and dispensed of all of its assets and liabilities.